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COFECHA is used as a method of quality control on the measured ring-widths.Each measured ring-width series must be compiled into one notepad document and saved as an *file.To compute a chronology based on tree rings, the width of each ring must be measured.The type and accuracy of the measuring devices may vary.You need multiple cores of a tree to be able to crossdate the cores.Complete sections make core dating easier, although this is not always possible!These plots are used to relate a group of cores to each other by pattern matching.Narrow rings are recorded as they occur on strips of graph paper with 2 mm divisions.

Since growth of the tree begins at the root system, a core taken above the base may have a much younger estimated age than one taken directly at ground level.

For increased enhancement of cells, use a 1500 grit sandpaper.

The first step is to use skeleton plots of the tree-ring sequences to identify rings with unusual (very large or small) growth.

Ayotte On this page is some basic information about collecting tree cores. Areas where annual rings may be distorted, such as near branches on uphill or downhill sides of the trunk, should be avoided.

Here you can also find a number of useful tips and solutions to problems: list of supplies you should have is found at: The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is a great place to start learning about the field of dendrochronology: Site selection depends on the question you are investigating. Once you have collected your cores, remove the taped ends to allow the cores to dry overnight or until needed.

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